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Mangrove Tunnel, Everglades National Park

8-Day Overnight Tour


Wilderness Waterway Expedition


99 Miles Total


"Strenuous" Rating

4 People Maximum

$1,950 per person

5-Day Overnight Tour


Complete Everglades Loop Tour


48 Miles Total


"Moderately Active" Rating

8 People Maximum​

$950 per person

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3-Day Overnight Tour


10,000 Islands Base Camp Tour


18 Miles Total


"Easy Active" Rating

10 People Maximum

$650 per person

Explore the REAL Everglades!

There is only one Everglades in the entire world! Have you always been curious, but unsure how to approach such a huge wilderness? Are you eager not just to see, but to intimately explore and experience this unique ecosystem? Well, come immerse yourself in the Everglades backcountry with us and experience the tranquility of the wilderness after the crowds leave for the day.

Escape Winter in Florida!

Are you looking for an adventure vacation which offers an escape from winter? Well, the Everglades are the perfect choice! The “winter” months are actually our tropical dry season with sunny skies, warm days and cool nights providing perfect weather for outdoor adventure. The Everglades are also an easily accessible wilderness located near several major airports in south Florida.​

Everglades Overnight Kayak Camping Tours

Gulf of Mexico Beach, Everglades National Park
Sabal Palms, Everglades National Park