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After acceptance, your reservation will be confirmed by paying a $200 per person deposit. We will email you a PayPal invoice with secure link make a credit card payment. Upon receipt of the completed reservation form and payment, we’ll send you a reservation confirmation email, detailed Overnight Tour Info sheet with personal packing list, and Liability Waiver. Your trip is scheduled to go at that point. Please do not make additional travel arrangements until you receive this confirmed reservation from us.
We look forward to having you join us for the trip of a lifetime. Why wait? Many trips fill fast, reserve your adventure today!
18 miles total
"Easy Active" rating
10 People Maximum
$650 per person
​Does this sound like something for you, but you still have more questions? Feel free to contact Dave K directly at evergladesdave@gmail.com or (386) 295-1850. He’ll be happy to personally answer all your questions.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
​Click on the Tour Calendar below to see currently scheduled trips. Parties of two or more are welcome to schedule a new tour on any dates. Simply complete and submit the online Tour Reservation Form and specify the days that work best for you. Solo travelers may book any of the scheduled trips with available spots. This 3-day tour typically departs on Sundays, Tuesdays or Fridays with a maximum of ten people.

● Transportation to and from your home. All trips start and end at the Canoe/Kayak Access at the Gulf Coast Visitor Center in
Everglades City. See our Overnight Tour Info sheet for details on transportation and lodging options in Everglades City.
●  Pre- and post-tour accommodations. For convenience and comfort, we recommend spending the night before and after your tour at the Ivey House in Everglades City. See our Overnight Tour Info sheet for details.
●  Pre- and post-tour meals. Breakfast on the first morning and dinner on the last day is not included. See the above Detailed Itinerary for all included meals.
●  Alcoholic beverages/soft drinks. We provide plenty of fresh drinking water along with a small amount beer and wine. If you enjoy soda/beer/wine/alcohol, you are certainly welcome to bring additional, although be aware it's not possible to keep drinks cold.
●  Personal travel/trip insurance. Insurance which offers comprehensive coverage and peace of mind is strongly recommended for all participants. See our Overnight Tour Info sheet for details.
●  Gratuities for your hard working guide. The generally accepted practice for tipping is 15% of the tour price or an average of $30US per person per day.
​●  Personal items. Please see the specific Packing List in our Overnight Tour Info sheet. 

● Camping accommodation each night of the trip in shared 2-­person tents. We provide free­-standing dome tents with fine no­-see­-um mesh.
● Single or double (your choice) expedition quality sit-inside sea kayaks with foot controlled rudders, including all kayaking and safety equipment.
​● All necessary camping gear including tent, sleeping bag, mattress, camp chair and two dry bags for personal items. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own camping gear from home.
​● All required national park camping fees and permits. You won't have to arrive 24 hours ahead to stand inline and risk being shut out of a campsite.
● A variety of paddle routes as described above in the Detailed Itinerary. We will paddle throughout the 10,000 Islands area of Everglades National Park including the mangrove estuary, tidal rivers, protected bays, open Gulf of Mexico, mangrove tunnels, hidden shell mounds and remote white sand beaches.
● Wildlife viewing opportunities including dolphin, manatee, sea-turtle, stingray, alligator, python, shark, numerous fish, tons of birds, plus many others.
● Professional guide services and quality leadership of your experienced kayak guide. Your guide will be an ACA kayak instructor, NOLS wilderness first responder, and certified Florida master naturalist.
● All meals from lunch on the first day through lunch on the last. We provide tasty and plentiful food, including fresh and delicious camp made meals and carry along brown bag lunches. We don’t use tasteless and unhealthy dehydrated meals.

Day 2 - Gulf of Mexico. You'll awaken this morning to a hearty breakfast of pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit, juice and hot coffee. Our meals are a highlight! With years of backcountry camping experience, we've learned that depending on bland and unhealthy dehydrated meals is not necessary.
Today we’ll leave our base camp set up and explore the area in empty kayaks. Or, you may decide to take a day off and explore the beach on foot. If you choose to kayak, we have a chance to encounter giant sea turtles, pods of leaping dolphins, or flocks of roosting white pelicans. We'll stop frequently to stretch our legs and explore the beaches. These beaches are fronted by tidal flats full of fascinating sea life. Some beaches also contain ruins of human settlements from the days before the national park. At lunch ask your guide to share Everglades folklore including tales of early settlers and modern day squatters.
​This afternoon we'll explore the mangrove tunnels which penetrate deep into the interior of the islands. These narrow and twisting passages often require stowing your paddle and pulling yourself along the overhanging branches by hand. These sun dappled tunnels offer a shady break from the brilliant Florida sun. Tonight we'll marvel at another spectacular Florida sunset from our remote beach with a “happy hour” drink in hand. After dinner we'll enjoy the company of our new friends while warming ourselves around a blazing campfire. Paddling distance: optional 6 miles. All meals included.

Day 3 - 10,000 Islands. After breakfast we'll break camp and load the kayaks for our return trip. But first, we’ll paddle further into the mangrove estuary where numerous channels will attempt to confuse us. Remember to keep your eyes open for manatee as we follow the gentle tidal currents. Your guide is a highly experienced navigator and at lunch you may ask; "How did you find the right way?” Today's lunch break may be on a "shell mound" which is a term used to describe the ancient midden islands constructed centuries ago by the native Calusa.
This afternoon we sadly return to civilization. We'll take­-out where we started in what may seem a lifetime ago in Everglades City. After several days in the backcountry, the simple comforts of a cold drink, fresh shower and clean sheets are greatly appreciated. Here we say good-bye to new friends until your next adventure with us. Paddling distance: 6 miles. Breakfast and lunch included.
​Day 1 - Picnic Key.
Your tour begins at the visitor center in Everglades City where we distribute dry bags and take as much time as you need to pack personal items. After introductions, we’ll have a brief orientation where we demonstrate how to get in/out of the kayak, practice with the foot controlled rudder, go over safety procedures, and discuss the day’s itinerary.
Today, we’ll paddle through the great maze of mangroves weaving our way out to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, we'll encounter many birds, observe leaping fish, maybe paddle along side a curious dolphin and possibly catch sight of a silent manatee coming up for a breath. Around midday we'll stop for a picnic lunch and leg stretch. This afternoon we'll reach the open water of the Gulf of Mexico and kayak to our white sand beach campsite. A delicious dinner of appetizer, local seafood, fresh salad and dessert will surely recharge your energy levels. Paddling distance: 6 miles. Lunch and dinner included.

Client Testimonial ­ “We had a fantastic three day trip with Dave K. Our group consisted of nine family members from age 8 to 70. Dave led us out into the 10,000 Islands where we camped on a solitary beach and spent time exploring the mangroves and beaches. Dave was good natured, good humored, and calm - as well as an excellent cook! He was particularly great with the kids in the group insuring that everyone had a good time. The whole family enjoyed the trip tremendously and the kids are begging for the next adventure already. We got to see tons of wildlife and places most people never get to go. All of the equipment was provided and was in good shape. We would highly recommend Dave K. If you want a highly enjoyable, but low stress backcountry adventure, you will find it here!” Anna Small <annagsmall@me.com> Dec 22-24, 2014


  • The “Real” Everglades - You will get off the beaten path and fully experience the remote Everglades backcountry in only three days while paddling a maximum of six miles on any day.​​
  • Up Close and Personal Wildlife -­ Kayak quietly and unobtrusively in the middle of feeding dolphins, float by gentle manatees, watch giant sea turtles swim by, plus observe countless fish and birds.​
  • Guide Services -­ Go directly to the hidden places without the risk getting lost in a landscape where everything looks the same. Learn fascinating natural history from a certified Florida Master Naturalist.
  • Included Backcountry Permit -­ You won't have to arrive one day ahead and risk being shut out of a campsite. Let us handle the details!
  • All Inclusive -­ Our tours are fully outfitted and guided. All kayak equipment, camping gear and food is included at no additional cost. Don’t waste your valuable vacation with a beat-up rental kayak or hassle with hauling tons of gear to Florida.
  • Safety -­ The internet is full of stories about dangerous gators and venomous snakes lurking in the Everglades. But, the fact is, we have never had a guest even threatened by any wildlife. Please don’t let exaggerated fears or uninformed opinions stop you from coming!
  • “Easy Active” Rating -­ This is our easiest tour and is suitable for beginning kayakers and families with children. It is perfect for newcomers to active and adventure travel. No previous kayaking or camping experience is required. We paddle a maximum of six miles over about three hours each day.

This 3-day tour allows you to fully experience Everglades National Park. You will spend three days kayaking in the Everglades backcountry while only setting up camp once on a remote beach. On this tour, we will guide you through the maze of 10,000 Islands, take you out onto the open Gulf of Mexico, find ancient shell mounds to explore and lead you to hidden mangrove tunnels. You will sleep under the stars on a powder soft sand beach, spot shy manatee in their natural environment, paddle in the middle of frolicking dolphins and watch pelicans dive for their dinner at sunset. Not to mention enjoying fantastic food, first class camping and great company! All of this while paddling less than six miles per day. The tour is rated "easy active" and is perfect or beginning kayakers and families with children.

3-Day 10,000 Islands Base Camp Tour

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Picnic Key Beach, Everglades 10,000 Islands